Your first treatment

Some advice on how to benefit fully from your treatment


Be on time


So that you can leave your busy-ness behind before you come in. Don’t make that last phone call or whatever else you may be tempted to do….leave early and arrive in good time.


Communicate clearly


We are working together to find the best outcome for you. The more I know about your expectations and preferences for your treatment, the better. With a variety of tools and techniques to use, it is helpful if you are clear about the goals you have for treatment. Some people come for general relaxation and others have particular health issues to address. If I know from the start what you want to accomplish during your treatment, I am much more likely to be able to help you.


Get comfortable


You don’t have to get undressed. Or you may prefer to. It is your choice. The treatment table is curtained off for you to undress and lie down in privacy, however most treatments do not require you to undress completely, and if you prefer not to undress, this is perfectly fine.

In massage and sometimes in acupuncture treatments, I do work deep into the gluteus muscles, use passive stretching and/or joint manipulation. I may need to have you sit or stand to work a muscle in a certain position, so to spare my blushes and yours – underwear is required. In massage treatments, I use a sheet to drape you and keep you warmly covered, exposing only the area that I am working on.


No apologies, please


We all are our own worst critics. Please don’t apologize for your hairy legs, sweaty feet or anything else you might be worried about. Personal hygiene is important for both clients and therapists, but I am much more interested in the knot under your scapula and how to release it, than anything you may be self-conscious about. Instead of being self-conscious, be conscious of your breathing. Focus on relaxing, not apologizing.


Work with me


I warmly welcome feedback and it will greatly enhance your therapy experience if you communicate clearly with me. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the treatment, then please let me know, immediately. Any discomfort may interfere with benefits of treatment, so don’t hesitate to let me know if anything is uncomfortable. Relaxation is the goal. Give yourself time and space to open up and really let go of the tension. Relaxation is an art. To truly relax takes time and a bit of helpful guidance.


To chat or not to chat


During your treatment breathing and relaxing are your main focus. Please do not feel you have to chat with me. I am perfectly happy in silence. This is your time to relax, so use it wisely.


Float away home


Once the treatment is over please try to slowly allow yourself to get up off the table, there is no rush. We will discuss things relevant to the session and your treatment plan. This is a good time to book your next appointment. The benefits accumulate with each treatment, so to feel the true benefits a series of appointments is recommended.

You are free to sit in the waiting room if you need a bit of time before going back into the world. And I urge you to give your body time to integrate the treatment by not jumping right back into your busy-ness. Drink water. Enjoy the sense of relaxation for as long as you can. Slow down. Be kind to yourself. Relax. Just be.




I don’t take credit cards or debit cards, Cash or cheque only please.