Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a wonderful therapeutic tool to help you feel better. From back pain to infertility, acupuncture helps balance you deeply and profoundly. It is a system of medicine with a long history of success in treating many types of illness and disease. The needles are very fine, so they don’t hurt. Needle-phobic types are catered for very gently.

Initial Consultation and treatment

We will have a detailed consultation to diagnose your condition using traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis methods such as pulse taking and tongue diagnosis. Together we then will determine a treatment plan using the therapies that will help bring you into a balanced and healthy state, free of pain. We will then proceed with your first treatment. The first appointment takes about 75-90 minutes. Please see Your First Treatment for some helpful guidance and reassurance before your treatment.

Follow Up Acupuncture treatment

Most follow up appointments take about 45 mins to one hour and include diagnosis and adjunct therapies such as cupping or moxabuxion.