I rather skeptically tried a session with Paige to address persistent back pain. Paige was patient, thorough and very professional. An hour later, I floated out of her studio and couldn’t stop myself from gently jogging along the Waterside…. I thoroughly recommend her work.

Steve Marshall

Founder of Meus

I am having regular acupuncture for knee pain which makes a beneficial difference to my mobility. During one of these sessions I talked to Paige about rosacea a skin condition which has troubled me for a number of years and also effects my eyes, causing them to feel dry itchy. We decided to try acupuncture. My skin complaint became noticeably improved, and my eyes less itchy. I started to think that my eyesight had improved but felt that was probably wishful thinking. I was due for a biannual eye test so mentioned my suspicions to my optician who was also sceptical. However during the test it became apparent that my vision was improved so much so I was told that I could now legally drive without my glasses. Added to that the quality of my tears had improved which meant that when I blinked my eyes were cleaner. This little miracle has to be due to Paige and the acupuncture, as I have had no other treatment. Thank you lovely lady you are much appreciated.

Margaret Adams

I would recommend Paige to anyone who has an open mind about the benefits that acupuncture, massage and reflexology can provide. Paige is a very positive person, knowledgeable, works hard to help.

Christine Bush

Manager Harrisons Estate Agents

I’ve used Paige many times over the years for sorting out those annoying niggles and aches that come from training (and getting older!) to keep me running /cycling/swimming. A combination of acupuncture and massage are the perfect mix.

Jack O’Hern

Director, Wright Vigar Ltd

Paige is an expert in her field and her treatments always guarantee excellent results

Jo Nelstrop

Marketing Consultant

I was fortunate to be one of Paige’s first patients. I had many years of health issues and Paige was the first to introduce me to Holistic medicine. I will be forever grateful to her for starting me on my journey towards better health. She continues to educate herself and has acquired a wealth of information and knowledge that sets her above all the rest. Her heart has truly directed her path. Her positive attitude and approach are very refreshing. She truly cares. I continue to rely on her expertise and would highly recommend her practice.

Cheryl Kobza

I have been plagued with a ‘bad back’ for probably 20 years now and I have forever been in search of that magical therapy that will sort it out, unfortunately without success…. until now that is! Since my first visit to Paige I knew things were about to improve. Following further visits and a variety of treatments things just got better. I have never felt so good and the results have been dramatic. I cannot sing those praises highly enough. Paige is highly competent, knowledgeable and gets the job done! On top of this she is a truly nice person who’s passion is to help you.

Rick Turner

Interesting session this afternoon. Went out feeling …. mmmm that was nice but not sure what it did … only later in the afternoon I realized that I was standing more upright .. shoulders back .. that kind of thing .. feeling fresher .. clearer eyed somehow. I even had to adjust my rear view mirror when I got in the truck!
My general approach to life is … something wrong then pull your sox up mate .. you are what you make of yourself … however you made a difference that I couldn’t have done for myself, so thank you very much.

Oliver Chapple


Paige provided me with excellent holistic healthcare over an extended period; she combined a highly professional service with a very friendly and relaxed approach. Without her expertise I would not have achieved my goal (London Marathon 2010)

Chris Taylor

Director, Network Archaeology