Hopi Ear Candling

This treatment includes:

  • Biosun brand candles – the only brand with cleared for medical use by EU standards
  • Facial and sinus drainage massage

Now for the longer explanation of what hopi ear candle treatment is all about…

“What the **** is hopi ear candle treatment?”

This what I heard as I was sitting quietly awaiting my next client with the window open. It was someone reading my sign at street level.

Fair enough, it is an odd thing, the idea of sticking a candle in someone’s ear. So let me explain what hopi ear candle treatment is and what it is not.

Hopi Ear candle treatment is also called thermo-auricular therapy or more commonly – Hopi ear candling treatment. It is a folk medicine remedy with its roots as an ancient rite used for spiritual purification, or that is the story. I read up on it recently and the Hopi Indian tribe has denied it is anything to do with their practices or history.

Whatever its genealogy, ear candling involves a pair of hollow candles made from a cylinder of beeswax-coated linen with a small filter at the end you put in the ear. I place the candle in the ear, the far end is lit and burned down to a few inches away from the ear.

Some therapists open the candle to show clients the residue inside the candle. It looks impressive IF you think all that waxy stuff came from inside your ear, but this is not wax from your ear. This is ear candling explained properly!

As an experiment, I once burned an ear candle firmly held to my palm, just to see what I felt. When placed on my clean hand, the candle insides looked just like they did when placed in someone’s ear. Ear candling does NOT remove wax from the ear canal.

And beware of therapists using cheap candles which have no filter and/or are too crudely made with too much beeswax. ENT specialists tell tales of wax from candles burning and puncturing eardrums, so they are not fans of this procedure.

But it is not dangerous IF the therapist uses good quality candles, which are a certified medical device (which, of course, are what I use:-). They have a small filter in the base that allows air, but nothing else in and out of the ear canal. In the hands of a professional, ear candling is perfectly safe.

But is it effective?

Hopi Ear candles stimulate the wax producing glands of the ear canal with gentle heat, which also softens existing wax. This supports your body’s natural ear cleansing mechanics to do their job. It can clear excess dampness which can become a breeding ground for infection. And it creates a very gentle vacuum that vibrates the eardrum, like a massage for the inner ear.

At The White Clinic, I do a specialist ear massage which covers the outer ear, around the ear and down the neck. Together with the candling this treatment brings a deep sense of relaxation and ease to this often neglected area of the body. It feels wonderful and does leave you feeling quite clear-headed.

Please do not be tempted to do this on yourself as there is one recorded death as the result of ear candling. The relaxing nature of the therapy was deadly for the sorry person who fell asleep with the candle in her ear and set the bed on fire. A Darwin award was given posthumously….

All the therapies in my clinic are preventive medicine and maintenance. If you go for a swim or a plane ride and have that bunged up feeling that just won’t go away then ear candling is just the ticket. If you have a raging ear infection with heat and pain, then please see your GP.